Welcome to Vypex Apparel.

We are a clothing brand based around fitness, with the sole vision to bring you the highest quality products possible, from the texture and fit of the product, to the print of the logo.

Vypex Apparel was created by one full-time University student, who undertakes fitness as a passionate hobby. Due to this, we only sell products that we would wear ourselves. This way, we know they are of the best quality possible, along with being affordable for all.

Our products are the perfect mixture of aesthetic, eye-catching, cutting-edge designs, along with superb quality and affordability, as being students, we know that clothing is important and not always affordable.

We have been dedicated from the start to create products that not only are perfect out of the gym, but maintain performance and boast aesthetically pleasing designs and fits for in the gym. We are working constantly to improve and innovate new products alongside improving customer service & shipping times. The Vypex® movement is growing globally every day.

Be part of a brand that will give you advice, will motivate you, and will offer products to support and give you that extra push on the journey to achieving your goals. Be part of a brand that works around the clock to provide the best customer service and experiences possible.

Be part of a brand that breeds confidence.

Feel free to take a look at the products that are available, and do not hesitate to contact us with any queries.