Vypex® Impression Fitted Bottoms - Carbon Black


by Vypex Apparel

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The Vypex® 'Impression' Bottoms have been designed with a specific blend of Cotton and Spandex to deliver a tapered fit whilst offering an incredible range of movement. The density of the materials used in the formulation of the Bottoms alleviates the effects of sweat from your intense workouts. The thin fleecing on the inside of the bottoms ensure that any sweat dries quickly whilst maintaining body temperature.

FIT - The Bottoms offer a supreme, tapered fit. We specifically designed the bottoms with the priority of the taper being focused around the calves, quads and slim towards the ankle. Although they are fitted, the Bottoms offer a wide range of movement and are fully flexible, meaning no motion is restricted. 

ATTENTION TO DETAIL - We have developed the perfect blend of Cotton and Spandex to provide a luxurious, breathable fit. The elegant layers of fleece on the inside offer incredible comfort towards the skin and is soft to the touch. The drawstrings that hang from the waist offer various fits and tightness body and include metal ends which reflect premium quality. The 2 zip pockets located on both sides of the Bottoms means that small items can be stored and your hands will be shielded from the elements. The Bottoms will never lose their size or shape; the durable material blend means that it can stretch and re-stretch to different sizes. The Bottoms' flexibility result in no restricted movement, whether you are squatting or sprinting. The Bottoms can also be taken off easily as there is an ankle zip located on the sides of both legs.


Size Guide

Waist size (to fit):

S: 27-29"
M: 30-32"
L: 33-35"
XL: 36"+