Vypex® Impression Mens Muscle Fit Hoodie - Carbon Black


by Vypex Apparel

£15.00 £24.99

The Vypex® 'Impression' Muscle Fit Hoodie features a slender, agile material blend which offers ultimate comfort and fit. The durable micro fibres stretch to any shape and size, contributing to a stylish design yet a dynamic performance. The fleecing inside the hoodie results in the maintenance of body temperature, warm or cold. The simple yet slick design offers the option of wearing the Hoodie in or out of the Gym.

FIT - The tapered arms and sides enhances the cuts of the physique, specifically the shoulders and arms. The zip comes up to the neck, meaning that the neck will remain warm. The sleeves fit stunningly around the biceps and slim towards the wrist. 

ATTENTION TO DETAIL - We have developed the perfect blend of Cotton and Spandex to provide a luxurious, breathable fit. The elegant layers of fleece on the inside offer incredible comfort towards the skin and is soft to the touch. The drawstrings that hang from the hood offer various fits on the hood and include metal ends which reflect premium quality. The Kangaroo-style pockets on the front of the hoodie means that small items can be stored and your hands will be shielded from the elements. The hoodie will never lose it's size or shape; the durable material blend means that it can stretch and re-stretch to different sizes. We have also ensured to add extra length to the Hoodie to ensure that when pushing through them last painful reps, it will never lose it's shape. From pull-ups to squats, the Hoodie will remain in the same position no matter what. We have also paid particular attention to the quality of the embroidery of the Vypex logo on the left breast. We have ensured that the stitching will not fray or come away from the product after multiple washes. No matter how much you sweat, the product will never retain the smell of bodily odours. The fibres used in the Hoodie have been finely crafted to ensure that freshness is maintained.


Size Guide

Chest size (to fit):

S: 37-39"
M: 39-41"
L: 41-43"
XL: 44"+